i.design® ROCCABIANCA and i.design® ITALBIANCO

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Our White cements for construction chemistry and dry mortar

i.design ROCCABIANCA and i.design ITALBIANCO are first-class cements with an enduring white colour. The unique nature and special properties of the raw materials as well as the technology and the know-how which are used in production, provide an intensive, consistent white and brilliant, expressive colours in the application.

White Portland cement fulfils the same standard requirements as grey Portland cement and can be processed in the same way.

Areas of application

  • Coloured mortars
  • Special plasters and cement-based paints
  • White stucco and skim coats
  • Joint filler
  • Filling compounds
  • Restorations
  • Joint and repair mortars
  • Tile adhesives


  • Color consistency
  • Brilliant colours as well as pastel tones which are easy to manufacture
  • High consistency
  • Outstanding colour reproduction through the use of pure, natural raw materials

Our White cements are produced in the cement plant Rezzato in Italy.

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