MILKE® – Special Cements for Construction Chemistry and Dry Mortars

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Under the brand Milke®, HeidelbergCement sells high quality cements made in our Milke plant in the town Geseke, Germany.

Milke® cement types are mainly used in the field of construction chemicals, where they are highly valued as quality-ensuring or quality-increasing binding components in hydraulic setting systems, such as potting compounds, floor leveling compounds, sealing washes, tile adhesives, grout mortars and screeds.

Grade overview 

 of performances

CEM l 42,5 N "Milke basic"Geseke - Milkedownload


CEM l 52,5 N "Milke classic"Geseke - Milkedownloaddownload
CEM l 52,5 R "Milke premium"Geseke - Milkedownloaddownload
CEM l 52,5 R (sp) "Milke plus"Geseke - Elsadownloaddownload

Our engineering department works intensively with the main laboratory. Modern testing and monitoring technology, in conjunction with strict quality assurance measures, ensure that our cements meet the very highest quality demands of the construction chemicals industry, which relate mainly to uniformity of chemical composition, fineness, water requirement, setting times, strength development, color, good compatibility and effectiveness with construction chemical additives.

Apart from the quality assurance methods that are already widely used among cement manufacturers, including lab automation systems with x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser granulometry, other demanding testing methods are also used at Milke® cement types, such as x-ray diffractometry (XRD), with quantitative phase analysis, using the Rietveld method, atom absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and polarization microscopy (supervision and review) with image analysis.In order to keep abreast of existing knowledge on the action and any undesirable interactions that may occur between the cements and the additives used in construction chemistry and dry mortar, close cooperation with the leading dispersion and additive manufacturers is a must. Milke® cement types therefore maintain a qualified application technology consulting staff, especially in the area of construction chemicals. Our knowledge of customer requirements helps Milke® experts to continually find new and innovative solutions. And that head start is an edge that benefits all Milke® customers.

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